Founded by Steve Nugent and Stefan Boyle (founder of Marketing Republic) in 2019, Recruitment Republic was started to help enable high calibre sales and marketing executives to get their DREAM jobs and to enable businesses to hire the best sales and marketing talent!

With many years’ experience in running sales teams, working with sales leaders as both client and service provider, we have seen the frustrations with recruiting the best people and just as crucially, keeping them engaged for the long term

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Recruitment Republic are sales recruitment specialists, supporting companies who sell B2B, who want to make sales, marketing and senior executive hires.


As specialists in OUTREACH campaigns using social selling, we continually grow our network by connecting with business leaders and quality sales and marketing executives across the world.

We relentlessly aim to build relationships with ambitious, smart, professional business people who are looking to develop ongoing opportunities, either as hirers or as candidates.

All clients and candidates are given a professional, friendly, ethical and personal service and full support with the hiring process. Our ethos is always to look long term. We are looking for long term relationships. It’s in our DNA to do everything possible to ensure the best fit for both parties so all objectives are achieved to ensure candidates are happy in their new role.

Happy candidates means happy employers! We work with you to make that happen.These services help to prepare the client and the candidate for a successful future together.


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The Backdrop

We don’t take for granted there are not only over 35,000 recruitment agencies in the UK alone but clearly there is the option to direct hire. According to IBM, (The Far Reaching Impact of Candidate Experience 2017) 38% of candidates who enjoy the hiring experience are more likely to accept a job offer.

To enable you to build an elite team, we leverage the power of social media to find seriously good sales and marketing executives, who fit the profile and calibre of person you want to hire!

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The Challenges

Where do you start with the recruitment process? LinkedIn? Indeed? Monster? We know it’s a complete minefield. Our Outreach recruitment team will work with you to understand the exact profile of candidates you are looking to hire. Doing this yourself takes time. And we know that time equals money. Our clients understand that they should be focussed on their highest value tasks. Searching for candidates and filtering applicants is not one of those tasks!

Almost one in five new employees fail to get past their probation period or has their time on trial extended because of doubts about their ability to do the job or fit in to the workplace. Poor performance is the most common reason for failing to pass the evaluation, with 62% of managers citing it.

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Our Solution

We know the frustration with the hiring process having been through it countless times ourselves. We work closely with hirers and candidates to make the recruitment process as smooth as possible.

We genuinely care about the recruitment journey as streamlined, pain free and effective as possible. We are sales and marketing people. We know the challenges. Whether you are looking for your dream job or looking for the best talent to enable you to achieve your business objectives,
we are on your side and we are by your side.
Your success is our success.


The Search

Each project is a fresh campaign. Yes we have a network but we don’t just go for low hanging fruit. Our team will relentlessly search the marketplace for Ideal Candidates using a social selling process. We work closely with our clients to understand the Ideal Candidate Profile that is required and then proactively search our networks to identify the best talent in the marketplace.


We interview and profile all candidates for your role, so we ensure the candidate is the right fit for your business. suitability and career objectives and any additional requirements needed are also provided

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