Steve nugent: co-founder of recruitment republic

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Steve nugent: co-founder of recruitment republic

Steve Nugent, co founder of B2B sales recruitment agency, Recruitment Republic

My name is Steve Nugent and I am the co-founder of Recruitment Republic

Here is a background to my career and what has brought me to where we are today.

My career has come full circle.  I started off in recruitment straight out of university 20+ years ago – Graduating in Business, which had a module in psychology, so recruitment made some kind of sense.

It was a high octane environment, it was a full on job, effectively a sales job and with a combination of Y2K and the Dotcom boom in full swing for a ‘young professional’ with student debt, racking up more debt working in London it seemed the answer to my immediate needs – and it was, to a point!  I worked my way from a resourcer to a recruiter to running a small team to running a London office…

Then, well I fell out of love.

I had paid back my university debts and had a certain amount of financial security. But, I needed more fulfilment and found myself at an early cross road.

I also was interested in Sales, Business Development and the process and methodology, But, I also wanted to work outside of recruitment…

Fast forward a couple of moves and a couple of years and I had co-founded a rapidly growing business development consultancy in the west end.  Part of the offering meant I was responsible for growing and training sales teams for fast growth tech, saas and digital companies.

Soon we had a 40+ headcount and a reasonably big sales team!

But, as an employer, I started to notice something different about recruiting sales (especially new business sales) talent that was unlike any other form of ‘recruiting’ I had done before.

As a business owner, I had to take responsibility for the good and the bad hires…

I actually became quite obsessed over ‘getting it wrong’, I had come to the conclusion that it wasn’t the employees fault that they didn’t ‘succeed’ in the role… it was mine!

Sales people and especially new business sales people are a different dynamic, to a certain extent they need to be and we need them to be.

I started to measure and model characteristics and traits (some of those psychology lessons finally kicked in) and also challenging some of my own anecdotal beliefs.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t hiring smart, talented, intelligent and highly skilled individuals because I was, it was some of them didn’t have the key characteristics and drivers to do the job!

And THAT was my fault!

As a self-funded bootstrapping business owner it taught me the costs of sales recruiting mistakes, it was costing approx. £18k if a new hire left within 4 months and more if I paid an external agency fee.

Also, I was never good as a ‘ruthless’ businessman and I felt terrible for the employee when we knew it wasn’t going to work out long-term.

So, through training courses and taking in as much information on the topic, over time we developed a core competency profile for the role and built a recruitment interview process that could be trained to management teams along with an appraisal system to maintain consistency and improvement/development overtime – The result?

Our retention rate in the role went up by 200% which meant sustained growth and consistency for our clients, which we passed on when the opportunity arose.

Recruiting Sales & Marketing talent is not rocket science, or something you couldn’t do yourself….

If you have the Time!

But, it helps when you work with individuals who have been in the seat your sitting in, where targets and business growth objectives need to be met.

We have a process that works, we have 25+ years experience and are experts in Linked sales navigation, social selling and experience of growing sales teams for fast growth sales businesses….

We’re not re-inventing the recruitment wheel, we’re leveraging the combination of tech, automation and experience of working in the sales industry to generate a value add service at negotiable prices!

So why set up Recruitment Republic!?

Well as a wise Jedi once said ‘The circle is now complete’ 😉

Not sure if this is the right approach/messaging or whether we speak more to general industry and differentiators.

I’m wracking my brain for something that is truly unique and disruptive for the industry!

That’s honesty for you!!

We are just about keeping it simple.

We want to provide great opportunities for clients and candidates alike.

It’s about collaboration, to achieve a specific goal….

Whether that’s building a sales team to enable your business to grow, or to find sales jobs at a fantastic company that enables you to achieve your personal career objectives.

That is the Recruitment Republic goal!!